From the Superintendent

Welcome to the Oostburg School District!

Our ambition is to nurture learning and grow young people of character who positively contribute to our society and world. Creating uncommon academic impact is at the core of our mission. That mission is achieved through a broad range of opportunities where students can explore their interests and refine their unique gifts. 

We are a community of learners where students are supported in becoming the best versions of themselves. Community is central to our culture. Community in our classrooms, community across grade levels, community across buildings and community in partnership with our village. We believe our sense of community is tangible and something to be nurtured. We work toward this goal by focusing on building a culture where student and adult learning are both critical to achieving our mission. Our community culture is grounded in the foundational principles of trust, transparency, communication, collective accountability and abundant thinking.  

Belonging is built into our culture as we embrace opportunities and successes together. Recognition that we are each a “work in progress” fosters a desire to understand, support and hold each other accountable in collective efforts to more fully realize our mission of high levels of learning for all. Building toward this culture makes Oostburg a great place to grow.

We welcome the opportunity to talk with you in person, to answer your questions, listen to the aspirations you have for your student and discuss how we can partner together in realizing the very best for the young people who choose to attend Oostburg Schools.

"Creating uncommon academic impact is at the core of our mission."

Kevin Bruggink  

   Superintendent, School District of Oostburg

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