The Oostburg Music department provides students with a well-rounded, high quality music education which follows the WMEA Wisconsin Music Standards. Students engage with music through Creating, Performing, Responding, and Connecting. 

Elementary school students begin to develop music literacy through study of folk music and listening, singing, and moving. They become responsible for their own part and learn how their contribution fits in and enhances the work of the class as a whole. By providing varied and high-quality musical experiences, children develop a wonder and love of dancing, singing, and music.

Starting in 6th grade (MS), students are able to participate in band and choir. These ensembles have multiple performances throughout the year in the Bruce Krier Performing Arts Center. The high school band and choirs also participate in other performance opportunities, such as Solo and Ensemble, at sporting events, nursing homes, and other events in the community. Additional ensembles include middle school jazz band, high school jazz band, and Voice. 

Our music department computer lab allows students to explore digital tools for creating music.


Visual Arts (HS/MS)

The OMS and OHS Art Department is based around the idea of exploration and experimentation. At each and every level, grades 6-12, students are encouraged to think creatively through project prompts and problems to grow in their art making skills and confidence.

Oostburg Middle School art classes function as survey classes. These classes are some of the first that students get to choose on their own and they are meant to be fun, and engaging so the students want to continue on in arts education through their middle and high school careers.

The Oostburg High School art department has 4 different course offerings serving to further focus students' learning and making to create a stronger understanding of art and a stronger final product.


Art Class

Theater (HS)

The theater department produces two shows each year, including a fall musical and a spring play. To improve theatrical skills, other workshops and activities may be included throughout the year. Students may participate on and off stage! The stage crew is in charge of building the set and running the behind-the-scenes magic for each production.  The musical in the fall runs from the beginning of the school year through the middle of November. The play in the spring runs from the middle of February through the beginning of April.  Auditions are held for each production. Sign up and prepare what is necessary. Not everyone may be cast in a musical or play, but there are many other ways to work on the productions.  Please see Ms. Szyman for more information.



Forensics provides a fun, unique, and valuable opportunity to practice speaking in front of other people while maintaining your composure. That is a skill you will need no matter what you do in life. Plan to meet weekly after school to practice with your coach. Speaking categories to choose from include: Demonstration, Persuasive. Extemporaneous, Informative Speech, Poetry, Prose, News Reporting, Play Acting, Reader’s Theatre, Storytelling, and more! Please see Ms. Szyman for more details!


Destination Imagination

DI is a program at the elementary, middle, and high school level that develops creative problem solving and teamwork skills. Teams of less than seven students work with an adult team manager to solve challenges short term and long term challenges throughout the school year. Teams compete to showcase their work at a regional tournament in March. Teams form in late September, and the season generally ends in late April. Mr. Bretall is the Destination Imagination Coordinator for our district. Interest forms are sent to students in September. Please view the OSD DI Informational Video and explore the Destination Imagination website for more details.

destination imagination