OSD Education

Growing Together

We are committed to key principles which magnify our impact as a learning community and we assess our effectiveness on the basis of results rather than intentions.

We view ourselves as a learning community.

We believe there is a significant difference between a teaching and a learning school. The prior see their role as educating some students who may learn while others may not. Learning schools place continuous improvement, research, best practice and study at the center and have a fundamental purpose committed to owning the outcomes related to their mission. We strive to live our learning mission each day, and the result has been a powerful culture which makes Oostburg a great place for adults and students.


Our district has consistently ranked in the top 10% when considering all Wisconsin school districts. Oostburg’s record of uncommon academic impact is at the core of our mission while providing a broad range of opportunities where our students can explore their interests and refine their unique gifts. Oostburg is a community of learners where students are supported in realizing their full potential.